Thanksgiving poem

Jack Gilbert’s “Convalescing” (Collected Poems, New York: Knopf, 2012, p. 384), which Elizabeth Traugott passed on to me after reading a fascinating obit for Gilbert in the NYT:

I spend the days deciding
On a commemorative poem.
Not, luckily, an epitaph.
A quiet poem
to establish the fact of me.
As one of the incidental faces
in those stone processions.
Carefully done.
Not claiming that I was
at any of the great victories.
But that I volunteered.

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  1. Magnolia Says:

    Nice poem! hOpe you had a great thanksgiving!

  2. Poetic intersection « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] on Thanksgiving Day, I posted two notes on poetry: a the poem “Convalescing” by the late Jack Gilbert; and a Seamus Heaney poem on oysters from Kevin Young’s 2012 […]

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