An inventory of my language play using -manteau (from portmanteau) as a libfix. Most of them have a first element that’s the first element in the portmanteaus (as in my recent batmanteau posting), but a few have a first element identifying the source of the portmanteau (as in Zitsmanteau).

admanteau (link)

batmanteau (link)

bromanteau (link)

dreamanteau (link)

flymanteau (link)

pairmanteau (link)

poomanteau (link)

pornmanteau (link)

ridicumanteau (link)

snowmanteau (link)

Zitsmanteau (link)

2 Responses to “Zmanteaus”

  1. larrysavage Says:

    Love the obsession with portmanteaux!! I’ve got quite an addiction myself…I haven’t posted in a long time, but plenty of Portranteau (portmanteau + rant). What do you think?

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