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In my investigations into the Daingerfield family and their milieu, I came across a Graveyards and Gravestones site, with photographs of over 2300 gravestones, and a Find a Grave site, with a huge number of grave records, including many photographs of gravestones, among them four from the Daingerfeld family. No photograph of the grave of the Major (Foxhall Alexander Daingerfield), but I did find two of his sons, James Keene Daingerfield and Algernon Daingerfield, JKD’s son James Keene Daingerfield Jr. (Ann’s father), and Algernon’s son Foxhall A. Daingerfield Jr. (More about Algernon and Fox in a later posting, and some stories about JKD in another.)

First, JKD:

and his son, Keene:


and his son, Fox:

Interestingly, it’s often easier to find a photo of a gravestone than to get information about the life of the person buried in the grave.

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  1. H Klang Says:

    In other words : detail is always welcome.

  2. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Arnold, given your interest in the Daingerfields I wonder if you can throw any light on where Foxhall Keene (his mother was Sarah Jay Daingerfield) is buried. He was a very talented allround sportsman in the early 1900s but died in apparent poverty in Quebec in 1941.

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