Yesterday’s Scenes From a Multiverse:

Not Science Wizards, but Science Bastards. Hosted, of course, by a mad scientist.

Jon Rosenberg’s comment: Science, according to some politicians, is a religion! Who knew? I hope that means we get some holidays off.

The link is to Rick Santorum; actually his claim is that environmentalism (rather than science as a whole) is “an ideology … a religion of its own that’s being pushed on the American public” But there are also (anti-science) claims that evolutionary science is a religion (and therefore should not be taught in public schools). And broader-scale attacks on science, including claims that science (like religion) is based on faith or is “the religion of atheists”. (For some entertainment, check out the Fixed Earth site.)

In the cartoon, science is a religion, and its god is Scientor (rather than, say, Truth, as biologist David Sloan Wilson once suggested) — Scientor, the (two-headed) dog demon science deity. That’s one head less than Cerberus, the hound that guards the Underworld (at least in its most common depictions).

(Note the compound dog demon science deity, which I parse as

[ dog demon ] [ science deity ]

that is, as ‘science deity that’s a dog demon’,

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