First came this story from the Onion (11/2/05):

Yeti Releases Abdominable Crunch Workout Video

That’s the complex portmanteau abdominable: abdominal (as in abdominal muscles) + abominable (as in Abominable Snowman, a.k.a. Yeti).

Most of the content of the two contributors is shared in the result, with the D of the result coming from ABDOMINAL and the second B of the result coming from ABOMINABLE (and the extra syllable of the result coming from the final syllabic l of ABOMINABLE). So, a complex overlapping of the two contributors: not your everday portmanteau.

Abdominable also turns up in a snowman cartoon (from 1/4/11):

(The snowman is flaunting his abdominals for an audience of admiring snowwomen.)

And then there are real-life sightings, as on the Just Beautiful Men site (12/20/08):

(More soft-core porn photos on the site.) The accompanying text (which could use some editing):

911 dispatch centers around the Colorado area have recently reported a spike in distressed calls as of late over increased sightings of a rare redheaded species of snowman.

Witnesses have dubbed this mysterious red-headed creature the ‘Abdominable Snowman’… on account of his most distinguishing feature.

Several survivors of a close encounter with the unidentified creature recount a harrowing description of the mountainous menace. Reports include a large multi-colored eye, removable feet attached to a strange object, a very low set of leg cloth (probably trousers of some sort or another), a very distinguishable set of abdominals, and an inexplicable emanating heat even in the coldest of temperatures…

Should any of you happen upon this ‘snowman’ while on the slopes, it is strongly advised to proceed with extreme caution …

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