Revisiting 4: Luna Park

The last of these revisiting postings for today, on the Zippy for today, which revisits my 5/27/17 posting “Dreams and nightmares”:

From the earlier posting:

Amusement parks are framed as places where dreams can be fulfilled (I can fly! I can go to the moon!), but with their crowds, their noise, their bright lights, their looming structures (into the gaping mouth of the grinning monster!), their frenetic activity, they’re also nightmarish

Bright and dark: places of dreams and nightmares; humorous and terrifying; fun-loving and totally insane; sources of merriment and terror.

The earlier posting depicted some kind of amalgam of different incarnations of Luna Park at Coney Island NY and Luna Park in Sydney NSW. This one is Sydney all the way.

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