Revisiting 3: dirty dogs

Admonition: food and sex.

A Pinterest board today with the title Dirty Dogs, reviving the perennial topic (on this blog) of hot dogs as phallic objects, but now with explicit allusion to sexual connotations of names and sexual readings of images.

From the many hot dog / frankfurther / wiener postings on this blog, the especially relevant 8/1/17 posting “Slangy Spanish hot dogs”, on the playful wienernym cachorros ‘puppies’.

Most of the items on the board:

Barbecued Pulled Pork Hot Dogs, Jalapeno Onion Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, Mexican Hot Dogs, The Cowboy Hot Dog, Colombian Hot Dogs (Perro Caliente Colombiano), South Carolina Bird Dogs (Football Friday), Garlic Butter Italian Sausage Sandwiches, The Tennessee Smoky Hot Dog, Cordon Bleu Dogs, Cheese Stuffed Burger Dog, The Poi Dog with Coconut Relish, Korean Slaw Dog, Kogi Kimchi Dogs, Cachorro Quente (Brazilian Hot Dog), The Greek Dog, Asian Slaw Dogs with Sriracha Mayo

Put them together, especially under the heading Dirty Dogs, and almost everything sounds lewd, starting with hot (slang ‘sexy’) and dog (slang ‘penis’): pull suggests ‘masturbate’, wrap the image of hand on penis, pork and stuff  ‘penetrate sexually’, Greek the image of anal intercourse, Mexican and Italian evoke images of hot Latin men and cowboy of hard-riding ranch hands. By the time I got halfway down the page, even poi, slaw, and kimchi had begun to sound dirty to me.

But surely the master stroke — see how this works: you were caught for a moment by master and stroke, weren’t you? — not far down on the page, is Cheesy Sloppy Dogs, with cheesy suggesting (cock) cheese ‘smegma’ and sloppy suggesting sloppy seconds ‘sexual intercourse after a previous ejaculation in the same orifice’. The photo:

Wiener tips peeking out, ejaculatoid cheese on top

And the descriptive copy gives us nestled in warm toasty buns plus creamy:

It’s perfectly seasoned Sloppy Joes meets hot dogs nestled in warm toasty buns. Drizzle on the creamy garlicky cheese sauce over the tops and you have yourself delicious Cheesy Sloppy Dogs!

Delicious and arousing.

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  1. CI Says:

    Never thought of a dirty dog as a sexual innuendo.

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