Slangy Spanish hot dogs

In a Pinterest mailing on the 25th, a board entitled Cachorros — a word unfamiliar to me — that turned out to be yet another assemblage of hot dog recipes (a topic that comes up on this blog frequently, because it combines food and phallicity).

The Spanish word cachorro means ‘puppy’ (also usable for the young of some other species, even, for some speakers, children — but the basic use is for young dogs), but as far as I can tell, it has no widespread currency as culinary slang.

Instead, cachorro is either a fresh metaphor or a little joke, a substitution for a slang term for hot dog that is otherwise a near-synonym of cachorro, namely perrito ‘puppy; small dog’: the diminutives perrito and perrito caliente, lit. ‘hot puppy’, like perro ‘dog’ and perro caliente, lit. ‘hot dog’ (a calque / loan translation based on English), are all available as culinary terms.

(#1) Un perrito caliente

As far as I can determine, perro caliente, perrito caliente, and the direct borrowing (el) hot dog (with Spanish phonology, of course) are in widespread use as informal culinary terms, while plain perro and perrito are slangy, and other slang terms are regionally or otherwise socially restricted. These include:

(la) salchicha, lit. ‘sausage’, reported from Central America and some parts of Mexico

(el) jocho (a nicknamey version of Sp. /hot/, Engl. hot), specific to Mexico

(el) Pancho / pancho (a bilingual play on Pancho as a nickname for Francisco, thus corresponding to the English name Frank; cf, frank for frankfurter), specific to Rioplatense Spanish

Bonus on spud dogs. Offerings on that Cachorros Pinterest board included yet another in a long series of hotdogs wrapped in stuff (especially, but not limited to, types of dough): corn dogs, bagel dogs, pizza dogs, pretzel dogs, and various kinds of bacon-wrapped frankfurters. From the Busy in Brooklyn site, spiralized spud dogs:

(#2) Wrapped in spiralized potatoes, these crispy spud dogs are like french-fry-wrapped franks

My Instagram readers really pulled out all the stops on this one, with creative names like “The Tatered Dog”, Dog-Eat-Chips, “Doggie Fries”, SlinkyDog, “Twisty Frank”, FrankNFries, “Piggy In a Slinky”, “The French Dog”, DogNChips and more! But my all time favorite was “Spud Dog”

The spud dog requires a kitchen tool called a spiralizer, shown here turning a potato into ribbons:


The wrapping process:


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Brian Kane on Facebook:

    Very interesting. Another term I’ve heard for “hot dog” while in South America is “choripan”, which is to say, “chorizo” (chorizo sausage) + “pan” (bread). It was once used specifically for chorizo served on a bun, but is now also used for hot dogs of the type widely eaten in the States.

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