Revisiting 2: Despacito

Earlier on this blog: a 7/26 posting on the song “Despacito” and the Mikey Bustos parody of it; a 7/27 posting following up on that; and a 7/28 posting on covers of the song. Now from Norma Mendoza-Denton, a link to a Sesame Street parody of it: “Patito” (patito ‘duckie’, the diminutive of pato ‘duck’):

Ernie, El Patito, Bert

From HuffPo, “‘Sesame Street’ Turns ‘Despacito’ Into A Bilingual Ode To Rubber Ducks: Ernie really loves his patito!” by Carolina Moreno, with the Spanish part of the text:

Oh, el patito, es mi favorito. (Oh, the duckie, is my favorite.)

Donde quiera que vaya hace su sonido. (Wherever I go it makes its sound.)

El patito es tu buen amigo. (The duckie is your good friend.)

El patito. (The [rubber] duckie)

Enjoy the rhyme with patito, favorito, and the half-rhymes, sonido, amigo.

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