Katharina Zwicky

Yet another Zwicky artist: Katharina, who signs herself as Katty. From her site:

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Art & Photography portfolio web site KatharinaZwicky.com showcasing Illustration, Maps, Paper, Stationary & Art for Children.

The site also charts my endeavours on the MA Artist Teachers (MAAT) at Goldsmiths.

The MAAT program is the MA in Artist Teachers & Contemporary Practices at Goldsmiths, University of London (Goldsmiths site here, Wikipedia page here). Two samples of her work at Goldsmiths: from a 2011 exhibition “Home” (#1) and from a 2014 exhibition “Art Department Review” (#2):


From her notes:

Throughout the process of re engaging with my practice I have taken inspiration from my personal circumstances and am trying to culminate my explorations in this piece of work around the notion of home.

As an emigrant I have spent more time in England than my country of origin. In the process of this investigation I was exploring the use of language, aiming to convey the cultural shift and change within one person through emigration.


From her notes:

This installation piece has derived out of a review process which an Art department in North London has been under over the course of 18 months, and aims to symbolise the restrictions and challenges Art education is confronted with under the current educational reform.

The installation text is an amalgamation of official documents over the review period, such as reports, observation notes, and moderator reports from exam boards. The language in these reflects the focus on assessment, progress and attainment, in turn the emphasis of the current educational changes.

… [My]¬†intention is to challenge the movement of the viewer, as they have to step over and duck under the areas of text. Symbolising hurdles being taken, meeting and overcoming challenges.

Then on to some of her other work. From her playful works with paper, “Doodle”:


And from her equally playful illustrations, the first in her “Paul and Friedrich” series, about “Two chairs in their early thirties, which deal with everyday life and everyday life until one day they simply decide to flee. Out of protest.”:


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