End of season

(There are sandpenises, but the gay porn ad is penisless and amiable, though extremely heavily muscled. So raunchy but goofy; use your judgment.)

Late August, and summer is drawing to a close in the Northern Hemisphere. Three things: botanical markers of the end of the season; for some, the last occasions for holidays on the beach (this will yield another bulletin in the endless News for Penises series); and for many, back to school (in this case, celebrated by a TitanMen sale on gay porn — put some mansex in your backback, boys!).

Plants that say summer’s ending. Two that have sprung up in my neighborhood: fall-blooming anenomes (Anemone hupehensis) and (pink) naked ladies (Amaryllis belladonna).

In my 8/30/14 posting “anemone”, A. hupehensis, to go along with the anemones of spring, A, blanda, and the anemones of summer, A, coronaria:


The plant has a basal clump of foliage from which 2-3 ft. flower stems arise in late summer.

And from my 8/8/15 posting “Two in bloom”, about Amaryllis belladonna:


I know this plant as naked ladies or pink naked ladies. The appearance of the flowers is a sign of autumn, a sign that summer is coming to an end. I was familiar with it from Ohio, and hadn’t realized for some time that it grew around here [in the Bay Area of California] as well, and on the same schedule. Its leaves appear in the spring and then die down, and the bulb lies dormant until late summer, when the leafless flower spikes appear.

Last days at the beach. If your household doesn’t have members who are are already back in school (Palo Alto schools started last Tuesday), the last weeks of August are a time for one last fling at the beach. Where you could indulge your artistic inclinations by building sandcastles. In whatever form pleases you.

Which brings us to today’s News for Penises (hat tip to Kim Darnell): in this brief Comedy Central video, castlebuilder Craig exults in his anatomical fantasies. The initial shot:

(#3)[The text] It takes a million years for a mountain to crumble into sand, but it takes me just over an hour to turn all that sand into one big penis.

Or, in this case, into a family of sandpenises, making a formidable phallic fortress.

(The video is available on CC’s Facebook page, at at least two addresses, here and here. The sandartist isn’t identified in any way beyond a first name, Craig. It’s a total piece of fluff, but entertaining.)

Get your queer ass back to school! That’s the TitanMen exhortation for the season. But entirely amiable:

(#4) Notice that they are still on the beach — a rocky beach, but a beach

Coverage of New Rules in my 5/12/18 posting “For Mothers Day”, with a (crucially cropped) sex scene between Voss and Caber. The cover of the DVD for the flick:

(#5) Two monstrously muscled, sexually versatile hunks, who go at it like crazed mink sexbuddies

And now they’re ready to go back to school, back to the rigors and the challenges of the Muscle Academy:

(#6) (See my 9/19/19 posting “Disney meets Tom of Finland”)


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