Three penguin notes

From various sources, three penguin-related items: a Pearls Before Swine, a wall poster, and a pop album.

Pearls has been doing a series with Peppy Peppy Penguins and their morning wake-up song. Today’s:


Then (from Ellen Seebacher) this wall poster, “Penguin Group Dive”:


From the site:

This wall decal will add a unique and affordable do-it-yourself design impact to any space. Wall decals are removable and repositionable self-adhesive stickers made of a vinyl-like material. A quick and simple alternative to painting, wall decals stick around best on surfaces that are dry, clean, and smooth.

Finally, there’s the album Penguin Prison:

Penguin Prison is an electropop project composed solely of New York singer, musician, producer and remixer Chris Glover. Penguin Prison’s self-titled debut album was released on the 18th of October 2011 through Downtown Records to positive reviews. (Wikipedia link)

One review characterizes PP as “80s-euro-disco-catchy-pop”. The lyrics are often “adult”, as in the song “Don’t Fuck With My Money”.

The cover:


The name is inscrutable, and there are no penguins on the cover (or, so far as I can tell, in the lyrics).

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