Penguin bearing wild strawberries

It was a little Christmas present for me from Opal Armstrong Zwicky, reported on in my 12/26/18 posting “Four presents”:

a bit of nearly indescribable Japanese kawaii that involves a little self-watering ceramic penguin that grows wild strawberry plants (Fragaria vesca) on its back

The ceramic penguin has been perched on the edge of one of my man Jacques’s mugs — one with his name on it — in the window of my kitchen. And now:

(Photo by Kim Darnell.) Soon time to move the wild strawberries into a proper pot.

In the background: the mug for the 2005-2006 fellows at the Stanford Humanities Center (of which I was one).

All very poignant. Yesterday, the 22nd, Jacques would have been 77 (he went into a dementia care facility 20 years ago, and died 5 years after that). I still grieve for the person he was 30-40 years ago.

Even the SHC year was poignant: I was aware that it would be my last time in a place for research and writing, in the company of others. My academic and creative life now takes place entirely on the net (and has for some years).

Meanwhile, on my patio the cymbidium orchids — almost all originating as birthday presents for Jacques over the years — are springing into bloom. And the first of the flowering fruit trees are covered with white blossoms.The seasons turn.

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