Cartoonists at leisure

With a heads-up from Bob Eckstein, Michael Maslin’s Inkspill column for 1/14/20, “Fave Photo of the Day: New Yorker Cartoonists At Lunch”. The photo:

Maslin’s text:

New Yorker cartoonists get together all the time, usually in groups of two or three. Every so often there’s a larger crowd, like today’s gathering of a dozen on Manhattan’s upper east side. They’re pictured above (the year each cartoonist began contributing to the magazine appears beside their name).

Seated, left to right: Warren Miller (1959), Nick Downes (1998), and Bob Eckstein (2007). Standing, left to right: John O’Brien (1987), Mort Gerberg (1965), Sam Gross (1969), Robert Leighton (2002), David Borchart (2007), Danny Shanahan (1988), Roz Chast (1978), Liza Donnelly (1982), and yours truly (1977).

Impressive age range, from the craggy Warren Miller, who first appeared in the NYer in 1959, though the kids, Bob Eckstein and David Borchart, who came onto the scene in 2007. (By the way, the photo could use better lighting on the right side; Chast, Donnelly, and Maslin lurk in the dim.)

Cartooning is most often a solitary enterprise, though collaboration in pairs is common and can be wonderfully productive (I post a lot of the Wayno/Piraro joint efforts). Plus, cartoonists are often enthusiasts about other cartoonists; Eckstein, in particular, has been an admirable exponent for his colleagues.

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