fresh underwear

Recent Daily Jocks ad:

A play on (at least) three senses of fresh.

From NOAD for the adj. fresh:

2 not previously known or used; new or different

7 informal presumptuous or impudent toward someone, especially in a sexual way

Subentry 2 covers several subsenses, in particular ‘not already used, clean’ (He changed into fresh underwear from his closet, just in case he was in an accident); and ‘new to the owner, not previously used by the owner’ (His boyfriend bought him some hot fresh underwear, briefs with a bright red pouch). DJ is selling the latter, but might also be suggesting the former.

They’re almost surely suggesting sense 7 as well: impudent, flagrant, salacious. See almost any of my Daily Jocks postings, featuring homoerotic underwear, some of it outrageously so. And some of it explicit: see this 2/27/15 posting with a section about Curbwear’s IDENTITY line, with waistbands that advertise your sexual preference, including POWER BOTTOM – BLOW ME – TOTAL TOP – VERSATILE.


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