The scythe in the casket

The cartoon caption contest in the latest (March 12th) New Yorker:

The Grim Reaper laid to rest.

The Grim Reaper is a well-worn cartoon meme, amply illustrated in postings on this blog. Startlingly, a cartoon in which the Grim Reaper is himself reaped appeared just two weeks ago in the New Yorker, from artist Mick Stevens; see my¬†2/23/18 posting “Death’s end”. In that posting, I associated the cartoon with a line from an Isaac Watts text in a Sacred Harp song: “And death itself shall die” (holding out the promise of eternal life after earthly death).

Now to come: in next week’s magazine, three finalist captions for the Weyant drawing, for readers to vote on; and then a week later, the winner. Watch this space.

[Finalists from the March 26th issue:

“He touched so many lives.”

“I was hoping taxes would go first.”

“I guess his work finally caught up with him.”]

[And the winner, from the April 9th issue: “I was hoping taxes would go first.”]



2 Responses to “The scythe in the casket”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    NORTHFIELD, of course. His own soft hand shall wipe the tear / from every weeping eye / and pains and groans and griefs and fears / and death itself shall die. – The fuguing tune of course begins on the pains and groans.

  2. Woulda Won Says:

    Wow, nice rack. Who knew?

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