Color and advertising your preferences

In my e-mail, a flagrantly gay ad for the men’s underwear site Daily Jocks, offering (among other things) wildly colorful Andrew Christian items and the Identity line from Curbwear, which allows the wearer to advertise (via waistbands and shirts) his preferences in sexual acts. Underwear mostly goes to my X blog, but these items have a linguistic angle, so I’m posting here. No actual genitals, but plenty of cock-teasing and sexual language, so this posting might not be for everyone.

Andrew Christian. The ad copy:

Raunchy, cheeky, and playful, Andrew Christian always pushes underwear styles to the limit. Andrew Christian has developed into a hugely popular underwear brand that’s not afraid to show off the male form with crazy designs, bright colours and attention seeking styles. From their Bubble Butt Jocks to their C-Ring Briefs, you’ll won’t be able to resist their sexy, risqué style.

Two examples: the CoolFlex Retro Brief Jock (#1), showing off the two focal areas of gay sex, the pouch and the butt; and the C-Ring Brief Jock in Lime (#2), with the model coyly covering up what the jock pushes right out in front:



(The purpose of these ads is to show off the models’ bodies as much as the garments, of course.)

Curbwear. The ad copy (with somewhat eccentric capitalization):

Curbwear’s british designs of fun, cheeky and inventive men’s underwear and sportswear are european quality and made to fit. Best known for their IDENTITY line, Curbwear takes a daring approach and puts the answer “front and center” for game night. The time-poor man who knows his preference will undoubtedly choose a Curbwear pair – roomy pouches and ultra smooth waistbands setting the standard. Shop jockstraps, briefs, hipsters and sportswear

One example, for a guy who’s a power bottom and wants you to know that:


Available texts include:


These texts are available on singlets, where they can serve as very public announcements about what you’re up for. How they work on waistbands is not so clear: either the waistband has to peek out above your pants, or your prospective partner doesn’t get the news until he’s got you down to your skivvies, which is a bit late in the game for negotiations. (Two power bottoms or two total tops probably won’t work out well, for instance.) The obvious solution is to talk things through before the pants come down, in which case the waistband ads are just icing on the sexual cake, entertaining but not actually informative.) Hint: use your speech.

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  1. Alon Lischinsky Says:

    Hey, it’s like the hankies in leather bars, only more explicit!

    I’m pretty sure that the waistbands are indeed intended to peek above the trousers; after all, that look is ubiquitous these days.

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