Brief mention: Hairspray mass nouning

From the 1988 movie version of Hairspray (which I watched for Mothers Day):

You better brace yourself for a whole lot of ugly coming from a never-ending parade of stupid.

(with reference to the consequences of integrating a teen dance show on tv).

Mass-nouning of ugly and stupid, in a single sentence. It might be relevant that the line comes from a black character, Motormouth Maybelle (played by Ruth Brown).

On nounings of stupid in several senses, with links to other discussions, see this posting.


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  1. JackH Says:

    A great sentence, unfortunately with timeless applicability to many issues (including, currently, marriage equality).

    I wonder how many master’s theses have been done on the differences between the original movie, the Broadway musical, and movie musical. There have probably been master’s theses on the names of master’s theses, and if not there should be.

    (Needless to say, I puzzled over the placement of the apostrophe in “master’s theses”. I finally decided it was like attorneys general.)

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