Bring in an expert!

After my recent cartoon posting on legalese, John Lawler was reminded of this cartoon by John Caldwell:

What the two cartoons share is an appeal to an expert in an emergency.

In the earlier Bizarro cartoon, an accident victim is identified as a lawyer, and an appeal goes out for someone who speaks legalese. In the bizarre Caldwell above, a bystander offers himself as an expert in dealing with the victim of a freak accident.

(There are almost surely other accident victim + expert gag cartoons. It’s a trope, though I don’t know what name it goes by.)

The brief word on the cartoonist, from Wikipedia:

John I. Caldwell (born 1946) is a nationally syndicated American gag cartoonist primarily known for his work in National Lampoon and Mad, where he is a member of “The Usual Gang of Idiots.”


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  1. Randy Alexander Says:

    Like a Mad Lib. 😀

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