Ed Fisher cartoons

Passed on from the Archaeosoup site (via Facebook), this New Yorker cartoon (1/26/63) by Ed Fisher:

This tickles archaeologists’ funny bones. And epigraphers’, of course.

Another inscription cartoon from Fisher, this one from 2/4/56:

The sign at the intersection advises the charioteer to stop, look, and listen.

Next, on sound symbolism (from 11/24/84):

Tony the Tiger says: “GR-R-Reat!”

Next, a lexicographers’ cartoon, from 6/22/87:

All those pesky letters picked up during the day!

Finally, a cartoon on menu language (from 6/1/87), with vocabulary you see only in enthusiastic food writing:

I haven’t found much about the prolific cartoonist Ed Fisher, beyond the fact that his first New Yorker cartoon was in 1951 and that he’s had several books of his cartoons published.

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  1. John Lawler Says:

    Re Tony the Tiger: http://www.umich.edu/~jlawler/gr.pdf

  2. Four more obits | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] of his cartoons (and there are five more here). First, one about putting language in […]

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