Return to the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA

… in today’s Zippy:


This visit framed in the Walk Into Bar joke format.

A previous visit, in my 4/28/14 posting “Zippy on sleep, and more”, used the same artwork and framing, but filled the speech balloons differently:


(Plenty of Zippy-favorite pop-culture references in both.)

This posting had a section on the Amherst Diner, with Retro Roadmap coverage, where we learn that the place is tiny, but does offer country ham (“a salty meaty treat found south of the Mason Dixon line”) — covered in some detail in another section of the posting

A shot of the actual diner:


Then some food recollections in my 12/18/11 posting “latkepalooza”:

[Personal memory: the holiday season in 1968 in Urbana IL, when our friend David Stein supplied the latkes (and sour cream) and Ann (Daingerfield Zwicky) and I supplied the Kentucky country ham and beaten biscuits. (Kentucky country hams are cured and then aged for a long long time, and they don’t much resemble the hams most of you know; to start with, they’re hard.) Yes, totally not kosher, and culturally eccentric, but delicious.]


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