Up in the air, sky-high, sky-high

(Men in underwear, racy references, but otherwise unthreatening.)

A recent Daily Jocks Underwear Club brings us more of the 2eros model in #1 of my June 6th posting “Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East”:

(#1) Up in the air, sky-high, sky-high

“Aeroflotation has
Transformed my life”, writes
Satisfied user RoRo F.
“For one thing, my
Sex life has improved
86% in only two weeks.”

Working out in mid-air has already added two inches to RoRo’s thighs; he thinks his yellow-pouch jock is the charm.

For social occasions on land, RoRo favors his red-pouch briefs:

(#2) Once a fairy only down to his waist,

(#3) But after his flotation airy:

Happy is he –
As you can see,
Every bit of him is now a fairy!

(with apologies to G&S).

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