More additions to my website

Ten more papers are now available on my website, to add to the ones from last week. As before, items on methodology, argumentation, and evidence are marked with a number (from my master bibliography) and “M&A”; all the items on this topic are now on my website.

“Naturalness arguments in syntax” (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1968). [#6, M&A]

“Remarks on directionality” (Journal of Linguistics, 1971). [#19, M&A]

“On casual speech”, (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1972).

“Note on a phonological hierarchy in English” (Stockwell & Macaulay, Linguistic Change and Generative Theory, 1972).

“Taking a false step” (Language, 1974). [#24, M&A]

“Homing in: On arguing for remote representations” (Journal of Linguistics, 1974). [#25, M&A]

“Arguing for constituents” (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1978). [#38, M&A]

“”Reduced words” in highly modular theories: Yiddish anarthrous locatives reexamined” (OSU Working Papers in Linguistics, 1984).

“In and out in phonology” (OSU Working Papers in Linguistics,1986). [#78, M&A]

“German adjective agreement in GPSG” (Linguistics, 1986).

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