The underwear elves of 2012

This year’s Christmas mail from Anne Cutler and Bill Sloman, now firmly in Australia (rather than the Netherlands), has arrived, with the following note:

Special salute to Arnold Zwicky (or Rudy) for the surprise appearance at Anne’s retirement festivities [from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen] (after an unwary speaker googled “Anne Cutler” +  images).

… and pulled up my Christmas composition from last year, with Rudy the Christmas Elf (an Undergear model with a notable package) and a double dactyl about him. The unwary speaker assumed the audience would find this as bizarre as he did — but Anne, and some others in the audience, recognized the source, with pleasure.

This year: more underwear elves, also from Undergear, romping in banks of cotton balls, along with some free verse on their seasonal duties (click on the image to embiggen it):

(The penis dimples are small protrusions at the tip of the garments.)

If you’re into the underwear, some details from the ad copy:

 High performance men’s underwear for guys who don’t like to keep a low profile. These sexy men’s briefs from the Fizx Collection are made from a light and stretchy mesh material that delivers moisture-wicking comfort for maximum performance – on the field and off. Featuring the signature satin waistband with a bold Fizx logo, the Fizx Athlete men’s briefs also boast contrast seaming and topstitching for added splashes of color. Functional fly.


Prices: FIZX® athlete brief $22; athlete jockstrap $20; athlete trunk $24.

Pronunciation of FIZX: like physics.

Why mention the functional fly? Because these days many briefs etc. are made with false flies — made to look like old-fashioned men’s Y-fronts (a bit of stylist retro), but without an opening that might ruin the line of the garment. The FIZX brief and trunk offer an actual convenience to the wearer (the jockstrap is of course flyless).

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