Swear words

A text (with image) on Facebook recently, posted by 99.5 WZPL Indianapolis, but goodness knows who was the original source:


An instance of a cartoon-like genre in which the real content is all words and the image is window dressing. I’ve called these “slogans”; e-cards of various types are prime examples,  but occasionally regular cartoonists produce words-only cartoons: see here for a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal example.

In this posting, the words-only cartoon is contrasted with the relatively common genre of wordless cartoons, with an example of a lovely Sam Gross gag cartoon (which requires an enormous amount of background knowledge to understand).

Now about the substantive factual claim in the slogan, about people who use swear words a lot (carefully phrased with “tend to”), I don’t know the literature, but I’d be happy to be illuminated.

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