Familiar cartoon themes: Waldo and sugar bombs

In today’s cartoon feeds, a new Bizarro/Wayno collaboration, with another Waldo strip, and a Calvin and Hobbes replay (from 3/5/88), with another in a series of sugar bomb cereal strips:

(#1) (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in this strip — see this Page.)


Waldo and the psychiatrist. It’s two, two, two memes in one: the Waldo meme and the Psychiatrist meme.

On the first, see my 2/17/18 posting “Tell them you haven’t seen him”, with another Piraro/Wayno collaboration on a Waldo theme and links to earlier Waldo cartoons.

Sugar bombs. On this blog, in a 6/4/16 posting “More sugar bombs”:

Continuing a Calvin and Hobbes theme from March (3/19/16, “Sugar bombs”, with links to earlier postings on sugary cereals in real life)

… In the earlier posting, Calvin was eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. In today’s re-play of an old C&H, the brand name is Crunchy Sugar Bombs (it’s on the box). Presumably they’re sister Sugar Bomb varieties from the same manufacturer

And in today‘s re-play, it’s the even more extravagant Chocolate Frosted Crunchy Sugar Bombs. The cereals are packed with sugar and caffeine, to which Calvin regularly adds more sugar (and would add marshmallow bits too, if his mother would let him).

Wired?  Wired?  I can hear your heart racing from here.


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