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Additions to the inventory of my underwear postings in “Underwear gods” of 10/19/10:

AZBlogX 11/8/10: The Gaze Downward (link). On 10percent models and Marco Rossi.

AZBlogX 11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars (link). Aden Jaric modeling underwear.

AZBlog 12/7/10: Underwear gifting (link). Underwear from FrankDandy.

AZBlog 12/8/10: More trendy underwear (link). From MensFit.

AZBlog 12/15/10: The Xmas package (link). Undergear ad. With a pun on package, plus a remarkable jockstrap and a note on hardware.

AZBlog 12/17/10: The Xmas package 2 (link). No underwear at all in this ad. Plus a remarkable thong and a note on pouch-enhancing.

AZBlog 12/19/10: The Xmas package 3 (link). With another remarkable jockstrap.

AZBlog 12/21/10: The Xmas package 4 (link). Lots of hi-def from Undergear.

AZBlog 12/23/10: The Xmas package 5 (link). With a play on junk.

AZBlog 12/24/10: The men’s underwear book (link). Cultural history in The Story of Men’s Underwear.

AZBlog 12/25/10: More ridiculous underwear with zipper pulls (link). The Gregg Homme Forbidden Jockbrief.

AZBlog 12/29/10: Remarkable underwear (link). Two pieces of underwear humor.

AZBlogX 1/2/11: Phallicity: Reese Rideout (link). The pornstar in an extraordinarily phallic jockstrap (and out of it).

AZBlogX 1/9/11: Showoff (link). Back to hi-def from Undergear.

AZBlogX 1/21/11: Valentine gift (link). A high-def Undergear Valentine.






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