Rainbow moments

For Pride Month, and looking forward to the SF parade two weeks from today, four heterogeneous items: Jungle Flossers for kids, in rainbow colors (and they’re fruit-flavored, wink wink nudge nudge); another inclusive alternative to the 6-color Pride flag; rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches at The Melt; and rainbow cock rings. Dental hygiene for children, community politics, food, and sex. Just another day on AZBlog.

Healthy teeth and gums. Discovered by Kim Darnell at a local pharmacy:


An incomplete Pride rainbow, missing the two end colors, red and purple. I have no images of this brand of flossers, but here are three of the SmileCare brand:


And, remember, they’re fruity!

Pride flags. From the Instinct Magazine site on the 7th, by Samuel R. Murrian:


When Gilbert Baker created the iconic Rainbow Flag 40 years ago, he expressed that the design should evolve over time to promote inclusivity and symbolize progress.

In June 2017, Philadelphia unveiled a new design with black and brown stripes added, and public response wasn’t favorable. Many found the design redundant, uninspired… and not aesthetically pleasing.

Now an artist named Daniel Quasar has started a $14,000 Kickstarter to promote a new design. It’s undeniably more creative than the poorly-received Philly take, incorporating the soft pinks and blues from the Transgender Pride Flag, along with the brown and black stripe, in an arrow formation to symbolize progress.

“When the Pride flag was recreated in the last year to include both black/brown stripes as well as the trans stripes included this year, I wanted to see if there could be more emphasis in the design of the flag to give it more meaning,” writes Quasar, who identifies as a “queer, non-binary guy.”

Comments have been much as on the Philadelphia Pride flag: that the Baker flag was never about race (or cis/trans status), but was intended to be inclusive of everyone. On those comments, see my 12/1/17 posting “Waving the flag”.

Melty rainbow goodness. Recently on the Do the Bay site, “The Melt Debuts Magic Melt for Pride Month”:


We’re not saying we wait for Pride month all year, but we totally wait for Pride month all year. We’re not the only ones. California gourmet grilled cheese joint The Melt is doing the most this season with a brand new, rainbow-colored grilled cheese just for Pride month. Yes, you heard that right. Meet The Magic Melt.

That’s right: rainbow cheese, edible glitter, and $1 from each sandwich benefitting Equality California’s LGBTQIA advocacy efforts. (It’s important to do good while stuffing your face, you know?) So while we thought grilled cheese was already perfect, we’re thrilled to be proven wrong. Consider our wig snatched.

The Magic Melt will be available for the entirety of June. Get ’em while they’re hot.

(#5) The ad; I like the idea that queerfolk are magic

The Melt — they have a location in Stanford Shopping Center — is seriously into cheese. From their site:

Here at The Melt, we do exactly what our name says: We melt things. We start out with the highest quality cheeses, all-natural meats and fresh artisan breads, then we melt them to amazing. Every bite of our crunchy, melty grilled sandwiches and juicy, flavorful cheeseburgers will put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

Plus fancy mac ‘n’ cheese:

BACON FLORENTINE MAC ‘N’ CHEESE: Trio mac ‘n’ cheese w/ bacon, fresh spinach & crispy onions

And, omigod, a mac ‘n’ cheese-filled grilled cheese sandwich:

MAC DADDY: Creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, sharp & medium cheddar, smoked bacon, crispy onions [as a filling in a grilled sandwich]

Sexwear. No doubt many sextoy suppliers offer rainbow cock rings, but this is the first ad for them that caught my eye (earlier today):


Well, you could wear it on a chain around your neck, as Pride jewelry.


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