Pooh’s honey pot

(Talk of men’s bodies and mansex, not appropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

From several posters on Facebook, a raunchy fabric composition involving TopPooh, TPooh for short, and BottomPooh, BPooh for short (both of them from Ernest Shepard illustrations for the original Winnie-the-Pooh books), doing a standing doggy:


That’s a zipper down the middle. We are to suppose that this is a photograph of a fabric print of Shepard images, where two different images have lined up accidentally across a zipper to give this picture. (One friend wrote on Facebook that, according to a post on Reddit, it was a child’s backpack.)

It’s so perfectly aligned that you have to wonder. But let that pass.

The two images: TPooh, seen here on the cover of James Campbell’s 2018 book The Art of Winnie-the-Pooh: How E. H. Shepard Illustrated an Icon:


And BPooh, with his head stuck in the HUNNY pot:


The combination of two two images yields a doggy-fuck image very similar to this rather stylized photo adapted from gay porn:

(#4) Standing doggy-fuck (top man standing), with bottom man’s head down (in other variants: the top bends at the waist; the bottom’s body is raised)

Honeypots🍯 🍯.  In #3, a literal honeypot, in sense 1a in this NOAD entry:

noun honeypot: 1 [a] a container in which honey is kept: an earthenware honeypot | she always had men hovering round her like bees round a honeypot. [b] an enticing source of pleasure or reward: massive increases in government purchases became a honeypot for the unscrupulous.[c] a place to which many people are attracted: its elegant shops make Florence a global honeypot. [And then there’s a related use of honeypot as a computing term.] 2 vulgar slang a woman’s genitals [GDoS has this metaphorical sense from 1594 on].

It is of course the sexual sense 2 that I’m interested in here. Given 2, we might predict several further sense developments:

— from 2, by part-for-whole metonymy, a sense ‘woman’, especially ‘woman considered as a sexual object’, even more especially, ‘woman considered derogatorily as a sexual object’, and from that, ‘woman viewed derogatorily’; GDoS records only the first of these developments, in a honeypot subentry ‘an attractive woman’ (1st cite 1939)

— from 2, by a metaphorical treatment of a female sexcavity as a (gay) male sexcavity, giving honeypot ‘male anus viewed as a sexual organ’ (BPooh’s honeypot) and then, from that by metonymy, ‘gay man viewed as a sexual object’ (BPooh as himself a honeypot); neither of these developments (parallel to the developments in BPooh’s pussy and BPooh as himself a pussy (boy)) seems to have been attested, but we are of course free to travel these familiar lexical trails on our own.

Possessives. When Winnie-the-Pooh refers to “my honeypot”, the honeypot is something he owns or holds in his possession; the possessive my exemplifies alienable possession. But when BPooh refers to his anus as “my honeypot”, the honeypot is a bodypart, not something he owns or holds; the possessive my here exemplifies inalienable possession. In a further twist, when TPooh refers to BPooh’s anus as “my honeypot”, the honeypot (though it’s a bodypart) is some kind of possession of TPooh’s; the possessive my here exemplifies (another type of) alienable possession. (See the section on inalienable vs. alienable possession in my 7/27/18 posting “Are you my bottom?”.)

Modern (literal) honeypots. A note on design. Traditional pots for honey are pottery of some kind or another, and come with a dipper for serving the honey. Modern design for honeypots has branched out into elegant wooden and glass containers, like this pot and dipper from West Elm:


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  1. Mike Says:

    There’s also the computer security sense of the term: Honeypot https://g.co/kgs/Axf1uy

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