Modern still lifes: Darren Jones

(Some very plain talk about sex between men, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Thanks to my 9/13 posting on Stephanie Shih’s West/East digital still life in “Mid-autumn memento mori for the times”, Pinterest has been sending me modern still lifes. Among which is a way gay photo composition by Darren Jones:


The image is dominated by the pump bottle of Gun Oil lube (more below).

What Pinterest gave me was a link to “The 10 best contemporary still lifes, by Michael Petry” on 10/19/13:

Art historian Michael Petry chooses works from Marc Quinn and Sharon Core among his favourite contemporary still lifes

Among them, A Time and a Place by Darren Jones  from 2011 (#1):

As in a conventional still life, Darren Jones’s A Time and a Place displays the cluster of “personal objects which one accumulates on short trips away from home”, according to the artist. “They exist together only momentarily in the hotel room or friend’s apartment, dispersed, discarded or left behind when we leave”, yet they speak volumes about their invisible owner. Jones’s tableau contains an odd mix of an asthma inhaler, poppers, an energy drink, deodorant, silicon-based Gun Oil lubricant [marketed primarily to gay men to facilitate anal intercourse] and a ticket to Fire Island hinting at a 21st-century narrative

A note on that pump bottle:


A “silicone-based personal lubricant” to oil up your (metaphorical) gun — canonically, for ass-fucking. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I enjoyed getting fucked (somewhere  back in the previous century, literally), Astroglide was my lube of choice. But I admire the marketing for Gun Oil.

I do note that when I went out hoping to get fucked — which gave me enormous pleasure, I should add — I almost always went out with a load of lube in my asshole. That way I didn’t have to negotiate with my fucker over his lubing up. A lot of guys, whether dealing with women partners or with queer partners, tend to be sexually selfish and inconsiderate of their partner’s experiences. As they say, men are pigs, but then we like the pork. Man, I did like that pork.

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