You can get anything in rainbow

… including the logos for all the Major League Baseball teams, available through the MLB clothing site in caps and shirts. Apparently the line of clothing came out in 2015, but I missed it — and then Aric Olnes posted the SF Giants Pride logo on Facebook today:


and I checked the (registered) logo out.

From the NewNowNext site on 5/22/15, “Major League Baseball Launches LGBT Pride Line Of Shirts, Hats”:

Major League Baseball has launched an entire line of team-specific Pride hats and t-shirts, with logos for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, and other teams colored in rainbow hues.

The SF Giants logo is particularly handsome — roughly, the more complex the logo is, the more attractive the overlaid color bands are, and the SF logo is one of the most complex, but they’re all attractive, even the Boston Red Sox plain B. A few samples:


A New York Yankees cap, an LA Dodgers shirt


A St. Louis Cardinals shirt


A Boston Red Sox shirt, as simple as it gets

(Lots of background colors, styles, and sizes, of course.)

At first, both Aric and I took the SF logo to be a bit of local pride / Pride. Of course, the Giants would have a rainbow version of their logo; I mean, it’s fruit and nut city San Francisco, right?, and the team has been suitably LGBT-supportive for some years, and they have tons of LGBT (and female) fans, so it all fits.

Now we both find it heartening that the Pridewear is MLB-wide.

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  1. Pablo Says:

    Do you make [them yourselves]? And sell them? If you do could you make a Bi pride colors la Dodgers cap and a tshirt or a pansexual colors

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      As the posting says, they come from the MLB site, presumably through an outsourcing agreement. And you or I or any other random person couldn’t legally sell t-shirts of our own devising, because the logos are registered.

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