Another BYOB

Today’s Bizarro, with yet another unpacking of the initialism BYOB:

(#1) (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 12 in this strip! — see this Page.)

In the conventional initialism, BYOB stands for ‘bring your own bottle / booze / beer / beverage’, but here it’s ‘bring your OB’, where OB /o bi/ is short for — a clipping of — OB-GYN /o bi ǰi waj ɛn/. From NOAD:

noun ob-gyn: abbreviation [pronounced as an initialism] obstetrics and gynecology.

(A different play on BYOB from my 9/12/19 posting “BOY Party!”: Bring Your Own Boy.)

I was hoping, just hoping, for a Bring Your Obi-Wan Kenobi —

(#2) Bring me as your own!

Other possibilities: BYOJ (orange juice), much more darkly BYOD (overdose), technological BYOS (operating system), linguistic BYOT (Optimality Theory).

Or two-letter states and provinces: BYOH (Bring Your Ohio), BYOK (Oklahoma), ON (Ontario), OR (Oregon).

Or actual, unabbreviated words at the end of the alphabet: BYOW (Bring your ow!). BYOX (ox), BYOY (oy!), BYOZ (Oz).

Or, of course, you could just vary the final letter: BYOI, Bring Your Own Initialism.

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  1. J B Levin Says:

    Sometimes I go crazy trying to find the secret symbols in Bizarro cartoons. Today I count 13, but that includes two inverted birds, maybe one doesn’t count, and the fish, which doesn’t look a lot like the one on his symbols page.

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