Data points: playful libfixes 11/18/10

Paul Frank to ADS-L today:

Dramarama: not the alternative rock band or the British TV series but the word used to describe the dramatizing of events that are either trivial or ought to be considered trivial. I don’t see it in the OED. The word is good enough for the Washington Post:

Over the past two decades, the reputation of the entire royal family has steadily declined from regal to rancid. There was the divorce of Charles’s brother, Andrew, not to mention further dramarama earlier this year when his former wife, the Duchess of York (“Fergie”), was caught on video arranging payment for access to her ex.

I pointed to earlier postings (with comments) on this blog, here and here, noting the profusion of attested -((o)r)ama words, beyond anything the OED could cope with, though a surprising (to my mind) number have been included.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ben Zimmer supplies more:

    link to WaPo article

    And here it is used by the Post 10 years ago (link):

    For [Richard Hatch], 39, the alarm rang long before dawn–oh, is it
    2:45 a.m. already?–so he could be up, shaved, dressed and ready for a
    live encounter with Bryant Gumbel on “The Early Show,” which included
    yet another reunion with his fellow former castaways. (No, that was
    not a rerun of last night’s Gumbel dramarama.)

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