The gay old days

A book cover found by Chris Ambidge and posted on Facebook:


Let’s dance!

Clearly from a time when gay predominantly meant ‘lighthearted, carefree, cheery’ and had not yet come into widespread use meaning ‘homosexual’.

The book, by James Woodward Sherman, was in fact published in 1928. Ann Burlingham unearthed this information about it:

Listed as a “book suitable for use in remedial reading” in a 1929 Teachers College Record article by Jane Mingo.

One of the illustrations:


Annoying umbrella!

(I enjoy the idea that umbrellas sleep.)

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  1. David Johnson Says:

    I believe the same author penned “Out In the Kitchen”

  2. Gay cookbooks | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] Yesterday’s venture into the book The Gay Kitchen (which has nothing to do with sexuality) led me to wonder about gay cookbooks. To start with, there are significant associations between gay men, food, and cooking (briefly explored in my “gay greens” postings, here and here); while the concentration of gay men among chefs and food writers seems to be less than for, say, hairdressers and organists, it looks substantial. So we were bound to get cookbooks aimed at gay men. […]

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