Two punny moments

… in today’s cartoons: Mother Goose and Grimm, with a perfect pun; and Bizarro, with an imperfect pun (or perhaps a portmanteau):



#1 plays on the ambiguity of beyond, as a preposition (in the shop name Bed Bath & Beyond, with an ellipted object, as in We drove to the border, but we couldn’t go beyond) or as a noun (as in the Great Beyond ‘the afterlife’).

#2 has iProd, either an imperfect pun on iPod (with an allusion to anal probing, or prodding, by aliens), or a portmanteau of iPod and prod ‘probe’.

There’s a Wikipedia article on anal probing by aliens, a pop culture joke that the entry says originated in the 1987 book Communion: A True Story by ufologist Whitney Strieber.

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