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(Underwear ad, suggestive but not explicit text.)

From Daily Jocks yesterday, featuring Andrew Christian underwear. The image, the ad copy, my caption (inspired by the extraordinarily plastic-synthetic look of the model):


Raunchy, cheeky, and playful, Andrew Christian always pushes underwear styles to the limit. Andrew Christian has developed into a hugely popular underwear brand that’s not afraid to show off the male form with crazy designs, bright colours and attention seeking styles.

Crafted from
Cutting-edge materials,
Cristiano29 is the latest,
Most life-like
Model in the
Andrew Christian M4M
PerfoHunk line,
Guaranteed to perform all
Sexual functions to your

Enhanced model 29ST does
Pleasant small talk, 29DT
Dirty-talks to your

Thanks to a clause in the NAFTA treaty, Cristiano29 is fully trilingual, in French, English, and Spanish. Truly a miracle of AI.

The Perf Boys, as they are known in the business, serve at their owner’s pleasure five days a week, but have Mondays and Tuesdays off as private days. Days Cristiano29 spends with his mate of three years, Armano33, who serves a local Army unit the rest of the week. Armano is lean but mean, a perfect complement to the bulkier Cristiano29 (mates are chosen for one another by a computer program, of course, to ensure compatibility). Armano33 on military duty:


Armano33 as Cristiano29 sees him during their days together in their pod:


Since I’m guessing you were wondering, Armano33 is preferentially a top, Cristiano29 preferentially a bottom.

Even androids have their tastes.

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