Initialisms off the rails

Today’s xkcd has three characters unpacking initialisms and acronyms, in eccentric or ridiculous ways:


It starts with IMHO — in my H opinion — for which H originally stood for humble, but has apparently shifted to honest for many, under the influence of TBH to be honest.

Then a silent G (not graphic) in the acryonym GIF, where the usual controversy is over the pronunciation, /g/ or /ǰ/.

Then some bizarrie: swallowing for shaking in SMDH — what on earth does MDH then stand for, if not my damn head? — and giantess or genitals for god in OMG (over my giantess?, on my genitals?, like a testicular oath).

Then a controversy that has nothing to do with initials or acronyms: is the dress black and blue or white and gold?

And what to do with SQL? Initialsm? Acronym? If the latter, how pronounced?

Then another non-alphabetic controversy, and another bash at OMG.

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