#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob for linguists

A simple idea: take stock photos of people doing their jobs and exploit their potential for ridiculousness, especially by captioning. Surveyed on 5/19/18 by Dunja Djudjic in “People Are Sharing Hilariously Bad Stock Photos of the Jobs and They Will Make Your Day” (#BadStockPhotosOfMyJob). Here are some linguistics contributions.

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky.)


Lena Ackermann @masterwahnsinn: A big part of linguistics is pointing to the alphabet while seductively taking off your glasses

Gretchen McCulloch @GretchenAMcC: Ah yes, you got me, as a linguist I definitely do spend my days standing in front of a chalkboard with “English Alphabet” on it


Gretchen McCulloch @GretchenAMcC: I started my career, of course, as all apprentice linguists start, by standing in front of a chalkboard with words for “hello” in several languages on it


Dr. Lauren B. Collister @parnopaeus: Did that bilabial trill hit you? Sorry, hazard of the #linguist job.


Dr Anna P. Judson @annapjudson: Why yes, as a linguist I do spend all my time writing notes while staring at the ceiling and wearing a mortarboard

(AZ: The mortarboard is essential. We must display the signs and symbols of our craft.)

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