Sexual faces

(Men’s bodies and mansex in plain talk, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

It began with a recent TitanMen (gay porn firm) sale, with this come-on photo (cropped here for modesty):

(1) Luke Adams in the embrace of Jesse Jackman

From  my AZBlogX posting “Fall facework” earlier today:

The focus here is on Adams’s expressive face: slackly open mouth, narrowed eyes, furrowed brows — a combination of gestures that can express ecstasy, pain, or surprise.

Facial expressions are sometimes hard to read, or even inscrutable. This particular expression is Adams’s “He’s screwing me and it’s fabulous” face, but you might not guess that right off. On AZBlogX, you can see him doing the face not only with Jackman (#1 there), but also with Anthony London (#3), Liam Knox (#4), and (from the side) Diego Sans (#5). Otherwise, he smiles beautifully, a lot, as here:

(2) Adams displaying his smile, and other assets

(Stats on Adams in the XBlog posting.)

Adams does have a pain face, which you can view here:

(3) Cropped from #6 on AZBlogX, where you can see that Adams is in fact being flogged (by Christian Wilde)

Here his eyes are tightly squinched shut, and his mouth is open but rigid, tense like his eyes.

Both his pain face and his sexual-ecstasy face involve the knitting or furrowing of his brow(s); note the idiom to knit / furrow one’s brow(s) ‘to tighten one’s eyebrows in intense concentration, anger, anxiety, or disapproval’.

Bonus. Looking for illustrations of this facial expression, I stumbled across a Jackman — not Jesse, as in #1 above, but Hugh. On the general principle that almost any day can be improved by a bit of Hugh Jackman (hey, he dances and sings!), here’s his browformance:

(3) HJ, emoting — but what emotion?

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Tim Evanson on Google+:

    At the other end of the spectrum [from Luke Adams], the constant mugging-for-the-camera of [the gay pornstar] Johnny Rapid.
    I hadn’t appreciated just how consistent this was. Adams’s photos with partners show his gaze on the partner’s face, while Rapid’s have him staring straight into the camera. Of course, almost all of these shots are posed for publicity purposes, so the actors’ gaze is the result of some negotiation between photographer and actor, but Rapid (who I’ve posted about several times) does seem to love the camera.

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