Imperfect rhyme, part 2

First installment: my 9/30 posting “AZ on imperfect rhyme”, an inventory of publications of mine on half-rhyme and phonological similarity. Today, the second installment, an inventory of postings on this blog that discuss particular examples of half-rhyme. To come: an inventory of publications that cite the 5 papers of mine on imperfect rhyme, especially the first, the 1976 rock rhyme paper.

Note 1: There is now a Page on half-rhyme on this blog, where links to these inventories can be stored, along with links to any new postings on the subject.

Note 2: I’ve played with the idea of assembling an inventory of postings with imperfect puns in them, because of the close relationship between imperfect puns and imperfect rhyme. Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of such postings: 500 or 600 puns in postings so far, more than half of them I estimate to be imperfect (plus a non-neglible number that are imperfect or perfect depending on your variety). I am overwhelmed.

The half-rhyme inventory.

7/15/10: On the run in 1972-74:
Jagger/Richards, “Turd on the Run”, pants – hands, dark – sharks, scream – been

7/18/10: The pig’s daughter:
Gregory Corso, “Song”, with oughta – daughter, slaughter

10/31/10: Fear the beard:
subsequence rhyme

6/4/11: Alligator goodbyes:
another time – porcupine

5/5/12: Rock snot:
vividly metaphorical compound name

11/12/12: Velasco strikes again, trochaically:
racy – lacy – celebrations in underwear ad

12/15/12: Language play log:
porn title Young, Hung, and Full of Cum

12/16/12: The gay underwear anthem:
Pansy Division, “Groovy Underwear”:
the first verse: three couplets, one a very close half-rhyme (butt – nuts), then a perfect rhyme (display – today), and then a bold phonologically distant half-rhyme (crevice – access). Eventually we get paper – nakedankles – tanker, and throbbing – around in, but with a return to perfect rhymes in the last verse (please – squeezebatter – splatter)

12/21/12: Pocket reference to half-rhyme:
Tom Waits, “Ol ’55” (with feature and subsequence rhymes in the chorus)

6/29/13: Poultry in motion:
thighs – hide in Scott Hilburn cartoon

8/29/13: Porn prosody:
dudes – chew in porn ad

10/21/13: Two cartoons:
near rhyme in KEEP CALM – CARRY ON

3/7/14: More cultural allusions:
Dire Straits, “The Bug”, with bug – love

10/29/14: Cartoonists at language play:
the name Lester Pfister

1/30/15: Doing the fandango, from Venango to Ilopango:
near rhymes for fandango

7/25/15: Name rhymes:
Paul Simon’s “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover” – bus, Gus – discuss much

3/24/16: The invasive starling:
children’s book Arnie, the Darling Starling

4/10/16: Magnitude boys:
whoopee – nookie in an AZ burlesque

6/2/16: Morning news: death of radio star:
“Video killed with radio star”, with heart rhymed with star, car, far, VCR

9/9/16: Julian and Sandy:
polonies – omies in a Polari burlesque

10/31/16: Annals of verbing (and poetic meter):
internal half-rhymes spunked – trunk and between – tree in a porn story

11/21/16: You can’t judge a story by its title”
Bo Diddley, “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover”, with mother – cover

6/7/17: The word came down on Pentecost:
Burger King ad lettuce – upset us (half-rhyme for some, full for others)

7/26/17: I sing the body elastic:
many half-rhymes in Mikey Bustos, “I Wear Speedos”

8/25/1 7: Revisiting 2: Despacito:
Spanish sonido – amigo

5/8/18: Spoiling:
Aimee Nezhukumatathil poem with squawk / broth / cloth / talk /  etc. – knock / sock / flock / block

6/27/18: Swiss spin-off: Wallisellen:
Wallisellen (CH) counting-out rhyme with puff – duss

8/11/18: P-alliterative and tetrametric lines:
“The Purple People-Eater”

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