Magnitude boys

(Ok, men’s bodies and some suggestive verse, but nothing really X-rated. And there’s even a bit of language stuff.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, with an accompanying on-line ad (and my caption):



His name was McTrim,
And he called himself Tim,
But everyone knew him as Pansy.

Now he and his man, who called himself Stan.
Were in the back room making whoopee, when
Their buddy broke in, grinning a grin, growling
Move over boys, Daddy needs nookie!

(Ok, a take-off on Lennon & McCartney’s Rocky Raccoon. And yes, I’ve messed with the line divisions, while preserving the rhymes, including my half-rhyme whoopee – nookie, which introduces the item nookie, for another posting.)

On this blog,  a piece on 7/11/13:, “Steve Grand, DNA, Timoteo”: American designer Timoteo Ocampo and his men’s fashion line Timoteo.

And then the advertising copy. Two from DJ and the Timoteo firm:

New Release from Timoteo – Magnitude: Step up your game with the latest collection from Timoteo – Magnitude. Enjoy a thick waistband, roomy pouch and bold styling you expect from Los Angeles based brand Timoteo. Available in all sizes and in Jock, Trunk, Brief and Jock Brief.

[Magnitude wear comes in Blue/Red (with the blue stripe down the dickline, as above), and White/Blue] Timoteo underwear, swimwear and sportswear has grown into an internationally recognised menswear brand. As the founder of CellBlock13, the fashion company is a go-to-brand around the globe for stylish men. Known for their exceptional fit, quality and cutting-edge designs, you’ll find something for you whether you’re a football, rugby or grand prix fan. Timoteo is inspired by American Sports and Athletics culture and designed in their LA studio. Search for Timoteo swimwear, sportswear or underwear today.

Just savor their products above. And enjoy the attention paid to the models’ crotches.

Lots more on nookie in a forthcoming posting.

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    I look forward to learning the etymology of “nookie”, which I learned from high school classmates in 1955 – a word for the female genitalia.

    Don’t forget Suzanne K.. Langer’s “Philosophy in a New Key”.

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