Sunday penis notes: #1 the morning moose-knuckle

A set of postings about penises, real and symbolic (with only a bit of linguistic stuff in there). To start with, a balletic moose-knuckle:

The photo came to me (under the heading “Morning stretches”) from Arne Adolfsen, who got it from Gabriel Martinez on the Male Ballet Dancers site on Facebook (where neither the dancer nor the photographer was identified). It’s remarkable in two ways: the extraordinary limberness of the dancer — I find the photo painful to look at — and the moose-knuckle he’s sporting, which moved me to re-title the photo “Morning stretches and morning wood”.

I was also moved to assemble a listing of postings (on this blog and AZBlogX) about, or just with, moose-knuckles: a Page “Phallicity: moose-knuckles” within the “Phallicity” Page, itself within the “Lists” Page on this blog.

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  1. Mike Says:

    I like much of what is on that site, but they do focus a lot on contortionists which is not, really ballet, per se.

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