Underwear Sex

(The usual warning: not for kids or the sexually modest)

Two recent ads from Daily Jocks, both with double entendres (for Teamm8, in the header for the ad; for C-IN2, in the body of the ad), which I have of course expanded on in my captions.

Come Down Under


Sex in shorts

They exhorted him to
Come Down Under, so he
Came in his shorts, right there in
Public, and it felt fan-bloody-
Fuckin’-tastic, but it was
Damn messy, and he got a lot of
Dirty looks.


Hard time

Nasty boys, committed to
Underwear Jail, where you
Fought hard in the yard, no hands on
Dicks allowed, until one of you
Came – White always came
Rabbit-quick, so aroused by Black’s
Body, the smell of his
Sweat, knowing that Black would soon
Fuck him delirious.

C-IN2’s Underwear Jail, showing new inmates — fish — being initiated into the ways of the institution. (This is genuinely from C-IN2. The company’s website is a riot of sexiness. And jokiness.)


Ad copy for #1:

Teamm8 2016 has been released with hot new swimwear and shorts now available. Featuring Teamm8’s innovative print technology, new colour combinations and designs to make you look good.

And for #2:

C-IN2 Men’s H+A+R+D Lowest Punt Trunk: Bold C-IN2 logo repeating around waistband and leg-straps contoured pouch with center seam and functional fly [in black, white, and grey]

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