Bake and you shall receive

Passed on by Terry Bartlett on Facebook, this ad for Diamond Walnuts. The video:


You always want him to be more thoughtful and romantic. This Diamond Toasted Walnut Truffle recipe will make him go above and beyond.

Bake and You Shall Receive

On the ad campaign, “Diamond launches ‘Diamond Nut Fantasies’ YouTube campaign via agency Deutsch LA” (10/11/13 by Tyler Brockington):

Diamond has launched a new campaign “Diamond Nut Fantasies” via Deutsch LA.

Recognizing that the average cook rarely get the praise and appreciation they deserve, this series of YouTube spots plays with the idea that baking them a treat with Diamond Nuts could help people transform to be the husband, neighbor, child and boyfriend of your dreams.

The ads were based on research that showed that Diamond Nut customers — two-thirds of whom were women–bake in large part not just because they care, but for the praise and compliments they get. So the agency imagined what it would be like if everyday people gushed with appreciation for the food they make.

Two notes:

Terry sent this to me because of the hunky daddy in the bathtub. Women are not the only people attracted by the ad.

But then there’s the pronominal anaphora in the last sentence, “So the agency imagined what it would be like if everyday people gushed with appreciation for the food they make.” — where the they refers not to everyday people, but to Diamond Walnut’s women customers, who figured so prominently in the preceding sentence.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On Facebook:

    Terry Bartlett: Women might be Diamond’s biggest customers, but there’s very few straight men who are going to make orange peel bath beads, or enjoy being fondled by a thousand Roman soldiers. I suspect there’s something more going on here. Do women really want men to do those sorts of things for them? Including being fondled by other men?

    Robert Coren: I have to agree with Terry here. Watching the ad, I just can’t see straight women as its target audience.

    Billy Green: I can’t see a straight man using “being tickled by the hands of a thousand Roman soldiers at the Algerian hot springs” as a come-on line.

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