Georgia Dunn and BCN

Benita Bendon Campbell points me to a feature on the GoComics blog: “Meet Your Creator: Georgia Dunn (Breaking Cat News)”, in which Dunn talks entertainingly about how her strip Breaking Cat News (in which cat reporters present the television news, for the cats in their household, about events of the day in that household) came into being.

It begins:

People ask me if I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist. Seven years ago, I was a banker. In between customers, I’d pull open the top drawer of my desk and draw comic strips on a stash of index cards. Whenever I was interrupted, I slid a professional-looking folder covered in papers, Post-it notes and various office supplies over my work. My desk was beside a big, beautiful window, and sometimes, I imagined what might happen if one of the company bigwigs happened to visit my office and catch me drawing comics before I could hide them. He or she would look over my cartoons with a snarl, offer a reproachful scowl and ask, “Georgia, what do you want to do with your life?” I’d sweep the loan applications off my desk and cry out, “I WANNA ROCK!”

I posted about BCN on 8/10/14, in “The news for cats”. What makes the strip so hilarious is that everything is told entirely from the point of view of this particular set of cats; it gives new meaning to the expression restricted worldview.

The BCN from the 25th:

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