Portmanteau of the week: barihunk (baritone + hunk). And the barihunk of the moment is Andrew Garland, shirtless:


(Hat tip to Arne Adolfsen on Facebook.)

This is from the Barihunks website, which says:

This site is dedicated to any hunk who sings in the baritone and bass/baritone range. Singers must be professional, semi-professional or serious students with real potential.

Here’s Garland working out in his Barihunk t-shirt:


In the musical news on the site (from 7/25/13):

The Sexiest Baritone Hunks from Opera: Andrew Garland to appear in Ned Rorem tribute

We recently featured Andrew Garland in the Cincinnati Opera’s announcement of their new season. We’ve now learned that he’s appearing in the new season of the New York Festival of Song under the auspices of the beloved Steven Blier.

He will be joined by the amazing mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey in a musical birthday tribute to the great American composer Ned Rorem. Although Rorem wrote opera, the concert will present highlights from his successful career as a songwriter. Rorem has been dubbed “America’s Schubert” because of the 500 songs that he has written in his 90 years, many of which regularly appear on recital programs. Lindsey and Garland will also perform works by Rorem’s friends and inspirations, Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein, Paul Bowles, Benjamin Britten, Theodore Chanler, Aaron Copland, Noël Coward, Francis Poulenc, and Virgil Thomson.

The site takes the music seriously and the men as well.

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