Pun for April 15th

Today’s Rhymes With Orange, with a pun for April 15th (income tax day in the U.S.):

The Accounting Crows, instead of Counting Crows (a Berkeley rock band).


2 Responses to “Pun for April 15th”

  1. maryjeanz Says:

    Hey Arnold,

    I just thought I’d share that The Accounting Crows is a REAL band made up of CPAs. They’re all connected to The Connecticut Society of CPAs. My brother helped put the band together, although he is not an accountant; he’s the society’s Public Relation’s Director. If you can see in the lower left corner of the cartoon, Hilary wrote “Thx Mark Z” for my brother allowing her to use their band name in the cartoon. Here’s their website – they’re a fun band and bring fun to the world of accounting! 🙂


    I love languages – so I will definitely browse through your blog!

    Mary-Jean Zampino

  2. Mark Zampino Says:

    That’s my sis, always making sure I get my due…

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