Today’s Zits, with jocular morphology and some (Wurst-style) phallicity as well:


Jeremy for Weenie World!

Then there’s dorkage.

Quinion’s affixes site on the noun-forming suffix -age:

[Old French, based on Latin -aticum, neuter form of the adjectival ending -aticus.]

Some of the oldest examples came into English from French, such as language, voyage, or courage. Many others have been formed subsequently in English on their models. They are a diverse collection. A few examples of a large group are coinage, cottage, damage, marriage, mileage, mortgage, peerage, plumage, postage, village, and voltage. Some relatively recent borrowings from French retain their French pronunciation: entourage, montage.

Among the new formations on English bases (not in Quinion) are a number of jocular inventions like Jeremy’s dorkage.

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  1. Ben Zimmer Says:

    Strikes me as a Buffy-ish usage. See pp. 62-8 of Slayer Slang by Michael Adams for much more.

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