Waving your flag

(Hunky male model in skimpy underwear and swimwear, comments on male bodies, but nothing X-rated — though not to everyone’s taste.)

It starts with the Daily Jocks ad on the 14th for its Underwear Club, featuring two shots of a Jor model I’ll call Carlos: in a tricolor “athletic brief” (red, white, blue, top to bottom) in the style called Navy; and in a differently arranged tricolor thong (blue, white, red, top to bottom) in the style called Frankie (perhaps to suggest France, whose flag is blue, white, red, left to right).

(#1) Carlos flagging Dutch?

(#2) The national flag of the Netherlands

(#3) Carlos flagging Yugoslavian? Or differently oriented French?

(#4) The Pan-Slavic Flag, which served for a while as the national flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (adopted in 1918) — with later variants for other incarnations of Yugoslavia and for the various Yugoslav republics

(#5) The French tricolor

Background fluff from DJ (punctuation as in the original):

JOR Underwear & Swimwear, is a Colombian underwear and swimwear brand, which offers you the best products in price, quality, design and comfort!

Though the garments in #1 and #3 appear not to have been intended (at least primarily) as reproductions of flags, JOR/Jor is in fact into flags. Their Pride swimwear:


[Brief digression. This would probably be the place to observe that Speedo-style swimsuts for men are designed to do two things: to put as much as possible of the wearer’s naked body on display, as an object of admiration and/or desire; and to highlight as much as possible of the remainder, to call attention to the two sexual foci of the male body, his genitals and his buttocks — but without actually exposing them. The swimsuit in #6 performs these functions admirably, while simultaneously flagging GAY in bright colors.]

Another JOR flag swimsuit:


The ad copy:

The Germany Swim Brief by JOR is a patriotic look perfect for lounging by the pool, splashing your friends or showing off that sexy bod in the surf. The quick dry microfiber fabric forms a sleek, body-defining fit and features the colors of the German flag:


In fact, the Underwear Expert site reported (in “Shake Your Flag For Jor Countries Swimwear” on  5/20/14) that

Jor Countries Swimwear is now available in briefs and shorts ($39.90) with flag motifs. Russia, Union Jack, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, and France’s flags just for you. Whether you’re actually showing off the same country as your passport, or just feel like an homage to the romance of the old country — you can’t go wrong with these.

One part Olympic, another part chic, a third part national fetish — most men can find a way to wear these not just with confidence but pride. And let’s face it, some of these flags are pretty damn cool. Made out of 84% nylon and 22% spandex for all your comfort needs.

One more appearance of our Carlos, waving his Colombian flag and his Colombian ass:


The flag by itself:


Homowear bonus: flagging maple. JOR seems not to have embraced the Canadian flag yet, but another company, Cover Male, has rushed in to fill the breech, exploiting the red maple leaf as a design element in a variety of ways. Among their offerings:

(#10) The boxer swim trunk, with flanking maple leaves

(#11) The boxer swim trunk from the rear; the leaf marks the spot

(#12) The boxer trunk underwear, with balls wrapped in maple leaves

(#13) The bikini brief, with framing maple leaves

All very entertaining, but I miss Carlos and his many moods. Proud gay warrior Carlos, intense and challenging; broadly smiling homeboy Carlos; contemplative German Carlos; sexy-buddy Dutch Carlos; and, my favorite, Carlos #3, all blue, white, and red, staring expectantly into his gay Colombian future, with his hot French boyfriend on the Montenegran coast.

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