Purple Pride

For Pride month, purple plants on my patio: the calla lily known locally as Cairo Callen (named for The Purple Rose of Cairo and singer/activist Michael Callen); and a silver lamium (now named the Silver Fox) in bloom:

(#1) Cairo Callen 2018: tall and elegant

Cairo Callen is twice the size he was last year, and a lighter, subtler pinkish purple than last year (the ways of plants are inscrutable):

(#2) Cairo Callen 2017: small and intense

(#3) The Silver Fox 2018

The Silver Fox is new this year, and his pretty labiate flowers are more on the bluish side of purple than they appear in this photo. (The strap-like leaves belong to cymbidium orchids and have nothing to do with the Silver Fox.) In any case, Pridefully purple, out and proud.


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